William Gibson: No Maps for These Territories

Mark Neale directs this prolonged conversation with William Gibson (famed science-fiction novelist and creator of the term “cyberspace”) from the back of Gibson’s limousine as they take a cross-country odyssey over nameless highways going no place in particular. The cameras roll as Gibson talks about his own personal philosophies, experiences, and opinions about the media-saturated culture in which we live. The conversation provides a compelling glimpse at the radical, genius writer whose 1984 novel NEUROMANCER forever changed the concept of the Internet, propelling the author to the forefront of the media explosion of the late 20th Century. Neale, a music video director, employs hyper speed editing and jarring visuals that combines various media images with excerpts of Gibson’s novels, conveying a conceptual journey through the unchartered territory of William Gibson’s mind. This slick and stylish visual trip also features interviews with writers Jack Womack and Bruce Sterling, readings from U2’s Bono and The Edge, and music from Tomandandy.