Rhythm & Sound | See Mi Yah dub reggae

1 See Mi Yah w/ Willi Williams
2 Dem Never Know w/ Jah Cotton
3 Rise And Praise w/ Koki
4 Truly w/ Freddy Mellow
5 Lightning Storm w/ Rod Of Iron
6 Let Jah Love Come w/ Sugar Minott
7 Boss Man w/ Walda Gabriel
8 Poor People Must Work w/ Bobbo Shanti
9 Let We Go w/ Ras Donovan & Ras Perez
10 Free For All w/ Paul St. Hilaire
11 Version

Rhythm & Sound | See Mi Yah best dub reggae

In the 1990s, with projects and labels such as Basic Channel, Maurizio or Main Street Records, the Berlin-based producer team of Mark Ernestus and Moritz von Oswald decisively influenced the development of techno-house and electronic music worldwide. In addition, Ernestus and von Oswald have released pioneering hybrids of reggae, dub and electronica under the name Rhythm & Sound since 1996. In recent years, an entirely original and independent definition of reggae music Рsparse, rootsy and hi-tech Рhas emerged from their activities. For their latest album Rhythm & Sound w/ artists Ernestus and von Oswald, they collaborated with legendary reggae vocalists such as Cornel Campbell, Jennifer Lara, Love Joy or The Chosen Brothers (aka Lloyd ³Bullwackie² Barnes). This line is pursued accordingly with their new CD/LP See Mi Yah.

See Mi Yah is a classic monorhythmic album, a typical Reggae format and production approach, with ten vocal and one instrumental versions of the See Mi Yah rhythm, which will be pre-released as a series of seven 7-inch singles (in addition with 3 alternative instrumental versions) strictly roots!

After Paul St. Hilaire (formerly known as Tikiman) has lent his vocals to several Rhythm & Sound releases over the past few years, the starting point for this project was to also try working with his brother Ras Perez, their fellow Berlin-based Dominicans Koki and Ras Donovan (also known for his collaboration with Mapstation), Berlin-based Jamaicans Freddy Mellow, Walda Gabriel, Bobbo Shanti, Lance Clarke as Rod Of Iron and Joseph Cotton aka Jah Walton as Jah Cotton as b/w DJ singers. With a style of toasting heavily influenced by the legendary U-Roy, Cotton was a central figure in the Jamaican DJ scene of the 1970s and 1980s. Together with Ranking Joe and U-Brown he performed with the Blood & Fire Sound System a few years ago. On a visit to Berlin, the great Sugar Minott and Willi Williams (famous for the Studio 1 classic Armagideon Time) did their versions in the Rhythm & Studio.

For each track the rhythm is arranged and mixed differently. On the album, the tracks are lined up in a way that allows the listener to enjoy See Mi Yah as a continuous programme that lasts about 46 minutes. It is never boring and continues in the listener’s head when the vocals, rhythm and sound are long gone.