Rhythm & Sound | See Mi Ya  (Basic Reshape)

Burial version


Dub techno masters Mark Ernestus and Moritz von Oswald present the fourth LP in their “Burial Mix” series with a collection of one-rhythm tracks featuring Jamaican legends Sugar Minott and Willi Williams along with Berlin’s Paul St. Hilaire, Ras Perez, Koki, Ras Donovan, Rod Of Iron, and others. As expected with Rhythm & Sound productions, the hypnotic dub groove here is perfectly mixed, spaced out, and completely addictive even after multiple listens.

A1 Rhythm & Sound w/ Willi Williams– See Mi Yah
A2 Rhythm & Sound w/ Jah Cotton*– Dem Never Know
A3 Rhythm & Sound w/ Koki– Rise And Praise
A4 Rhythm & Sound w/ Freddy Mellow– Truly
A5 Rhythm & Sound w/ Rod Of Iron– Lightning Storm
B1 Rhythm & Sound w/ Sugar Minott– Let Jah Love Come
B2 Rhythm & Sound w/ Walda Gabriel– Boss Man
B3 Rhythm & Sound w/ Bobbo Shanti– Poor People Must Work
B4 Rhythm & Sound w/ Ras Donovan & Ras Perez– Let We Go
B5 Rhythm & Sound w/ Paul St. Hilaire– Free For All
B6 Rhythm & Sound– See Mi Version

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