McLaughlin & Santana | A Love Supreme

Mahavishnu John McLaughlin & Carlos Santana – Live in Chicago (1.09.1973)
03 – A Love Supreme (J. Coltrane)

John McLaughlin – Guitar (double-neck)
Carlos Santana – Guitar
Khalid Yasin (aka Larry Young) – Organ, Keyboards
Doug Rauch – Bass
Billy Cobham – Drums
Armando Peraza – Percussions

Two jazzrock Giants of ’70 – great Carlos Santana, hero from Fillmore East ’68 and Woodstock and John McLaughlin – English guitarist that redefined the guitar jazz fouinding jazzrock Mahavishnu Orchestra.
In the year ’72, both of them on the pick of abilities, they recorded an album together. Next year, after touring with their own band, the two Powers where united for a very short, but incredible tournee.
The concert given in Chicago Amphitheatre september 1st 1973, is the most popular bootleg.

This is a live concert unavailable on any official issue.