Mayan Calendar | March 9 2011 | 9th Wave Begins

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[/image] [dropcap type=”2″]T[/dropcap]oday is the start of the shift into the 9th wave of the Mayan calendar. It lasts 234 days untill October 28. From now on we’re going to experience life at 20X speed. Each timeframe takes only 18 days instead of 360 as were used to since 1999.
As the evolution of consciousness accelerates, we will experience the shift differently, depending on our perceptions, intentions and conditioning. One thing seems clear: what will happen is up to us. So it’s important to take some time to purify the mind, open our hearts, and align with the soul and higher truth and connect with others who are consciously making this journey in service to all beings. -AW

An extensive explanation and 4,5 hour lecture from 2004 by Ian Lungold (RIP 2005 !?) can be viewed online: Ian Lungold Secrets of the Mayan Calendar Unveiled

Renowned author and Mayan Calendar expert Carl Calleman in an interview on the importance of the waves:

The nine steps of the Tortuguero pyramid, representing the nine steps in time and evolution. It’s representing universal consciousness. The 9th step is the completion. It’s now!

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Article by AW. Further explanation from Carl Calleman can be found at his website

An update of this article and news about the Tsunami in Japan can be found here.