Marc Houle | Stacks and Stacks

BAY OF FIGS showcases new developments in Marc Houle’s already minimal pop genius. From the manic title track onward his sound continues to develop from a rich bed of electro pop and minimal techno, with gems that stay in the groove or contort themselves by design.

The arctic storm that is Bay of Figs sends a simple yet effective message through its haunting and menacing drone. On the bouncing and loose Thirds In Trees, Marc drops in live claps and bass guitar in the melodic and hooky mood reminiscent of the Kingsley classic Popcorn. A clear fan of euro & industrial attitudes from decades past, Black Jack 13 claps and bends with electro fever, rattling around erratic effects and synth lines all under four minutes time. One of the more intense tracks in Houles live sets is the square-wave melody of Edamame. But its Items and Things that highlights Houles musicianship for synth pop while also revealing his obvious contribution another side project, Run Stop Restore (the trio with Magda and Troy Pierce). Houles arrangements, melodies and choice effects create easy instrumentals that hold their own beauty without vocal attachments.

Houle has also remixed Slams Kill The Pain single (featuring Dot Allison) and Turbo Dreams by Ellen Allien & Apparat. Between DJs championing his work in clubs and after-parties or making it an essential addition on mix albums from producers like Slam or Loco Dice, Houle is working his way to the top. His live performances from Europe to the US have doubled the impact, as showcased on tour in the US during May 2007 for the min2MAX bus tour.