‘Lola rennt’ bridge investigation

Location and situation

Berlin’s historic Oberbaumbrücke was a key location for Lola rennt. Lola runs from her house along the street. Soon after she runs over the bridge. This is a road/rail/foot bridge with some very interesting arches. The bridge connects the old East at Warschauerstrasse train station of Friedrichshain to the old West/south side of the city in the suburb of Kreuzberg.
In the movie Lola is seen to run across a street where a yellow train travels on an overhead rail. This is directly by the Oberbaumbrucke on the south side of the river. The cars and pedestrains are on the lower level of the bridge with the train on top. The train is actually a U-bahn (underground) train.  This particular piece of track is part of the U1 and U15 lines between Schlesisches Tor and Warschauerstrasse with the train traveling towards Warschauerstrasse.

Lola rennt movie sample

1:14 – 1:52 min:
Lol runs over the bridge

Metro crossing the Lola rennt bridge

1:05 – 1:25 min:
The U1 (metro) crossing the spree from Warschauerstrasse to Schlesische Tor.