Jon Hopkins | Vessel (Four Tet Remix)


BISON: “We’d been looking into an old 3D technique called “Anaglyph”, which is the familiar red and cyan version of 3d that you used to get on the back of cereal boxes. The more we looked at various images that used this technique, the more we fell in love with the colours and decided that they should drive the aesthetic of the piece. In particular, we were intrigued as to what might happen if the two images were from drastically different sources.

“The song is full of light and shade; with euphoric melodies and skipping glitchy beats. It seemed to us that themes of ‘duality’ ran through both the song and our visual idea.

“We took those themes to our stylist, Justine Josephs who, along with our make-up artist Sally Marshall, created two opposing looks for our dancer, Claire Meehan. We spent a single day shooting in a South East London studio with Chris Nunn behind the camera and lights.

“Finally came the edit and post-production process: We locked ourselves in the studio for 2 weeks working with After Effects.
The process was pretty organic; we spent a week or so playing with the footage, developing different ideas and techniques, and then spent a further week moulding the disparate pieces into a solid video that ebbed and flowed in the right places.”

Cinematography – Chris Nunn
Stylist – Justine Josephs
Make-up – Sally Marshall
Dancer – Claire Meehan
Runner – Jake Hopewell