Earthquakes, Mayan Calendar – Response

For the better understanding of the following, please check the previous post first.

I do not mean to question mr. Calleman’s authority, he is probably the most eloquent westerner on the topic of Maya. But at the end he states the following:
“I believe that what will lead us forward is the light. Maybe the Earth is now adjusted to mediate unity consciousness to the human beings, which remains our highest purpose and presumably that of the cosmic plan.”

I can understand the Earth might be ‘adjusting’ its vibration, but what about the artificial earthquakes? They are no such adjustments, rather the detuning of the vibe. Even if Mayan calendar somewhere in the context is about ‘vibrations’, I think Mr. Calleman is too concentrated onto the mental one, while there are very destructive, heavy-machinery, high-tech vibes injected into this planet every day. And only when these are stopped can I start perceiving earthquakes as natural adjustments and possible improvements.

For the illustration:
Japanese artist Isao Hashimoto bringing in map 2053 known nuclear explosions from 1945 on. Check the build up from 1962 on…

Benjamin Fulford on the latest in destructive power-gaming circles. He’s the top of investigative journalism and if interested please check his interview with Camelot Project on youtube. That one is 3 hours long but surely worth a few years of education. For me it was, this earthquake scenario he explained quite some time ago.