Brandt Brauer Frick | Caffeine

From the album “You Make Me Real”. Out on !K7
Clip by Danae Diaz and Patricia Luna.

First composition, then techno


Groove der Großstadt: Die Musiker Paul Frick, Jan Brauer und Daniel Brandt an der Berliner Gedächtniskirche

Groove of the city: the musician Paul Frick, Jan Brauer and Daniel Brandt at the Berlin Memorial Church

Paul Frick was still in elementary school when the first Love Parade 1989 on Berlin’s Kurfürstendamm raged. He lived right around the corner, and experienced in the following years, as the festival attracted more and more motley clad ravers. Logically, then, that he now produces its own technology?

Not really, says the 31-year-old musician. “I Love the parade at the time and quite freaky. As hard it was kinda funny, but I have never taken the music seriously.” Frick was more interested in “complicated, hand-made music,” and so began a study in composition with Friedrich Goldmann at the University of the Arts. “I had the first time eight years studying composition in order to like techno.”

The techno, the band plays its Brandt Brauer Frick, however, is not a dull hammering. In the six months before published album You Make Me Real , all sounds generated by real instruments, without the aid of computers or drum machines. And now is the trio to a ten-member ensemble has grown even this Thursday in Mountain Grove for the first time occurs at – with a completely acoustic show.

The other two core members of the band are Daniel Brandt, 26, and Jan Brewer, 25 They have known each other since middle school in Wiesbaden.Under the name of Scott they did from jazz influenced techno. Paul Frick, the composer who had now also started to write house tracks heard it over the Internet, was enthusiastic and wrote them an email. 2008 started the collaboration, and for two weeks Brandt and brewers are now living in Berlin.

Frick: “Even at the beginning we thought: let’s try what happens if we Techno, modern classical and jazz mix.” Daniel Brandt adds: “It would have also much experimental, or may be strange, but that has not happened in the studio jamming caused relatively intuitively sound you can hear when you have no idea of ​​modern music..”

It sounds, in fact, particularly in like techno, but the sound is characterized by unusual sounds. For example, bass lines, not a Roland 303, but from a tuba come. Also on rhythmic level takes longer than usual genre is in this.This sounds like the music as a bridge between minimal techno and minimal music in the style of Steve Reich and Philip Glass .