About Kanduka

We are a non-profit network from Amsterdam. Our aim is to inspire a change in the way we live, because we think that as civilization we can do better. We oppose disinformation, injustice and pollution of either physical or mental environment. Instead we promote music and a bit of anything else that could rise the vibrations and trust in the community. Kanduka is a peaceful place and its only idea is getting everyone into an advanced party mode. Information wants to be free and we hope the things we spread could generate optimism and insight.

Share, suggest, let know what you think, or how you feel,


ps: ‘Kanduka’ comes from the ancient Sanskrit language. It is the noun ‘ball’ or verb ‘to play with a ball’ or to ‘bounce’.

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By posting the music we like, we hope to promote artists and labels in question and inspire the rest. Neither do we perceive our activity could be harmful for anyone, nor we earn any money by doing this. Yet, if once in a while you happen to find a broken link on Kanduka, that means the possible owners of the material do not agree. And we will respect their decisions full-heartedly.
Might be worth mentioning that 99% of the tracks promoted on Kanduka we legally purchased beforehand. To pass the idea of this music further comes from our deep connectedness with it and for its positive impact on human race. Besides, the quality of streaming is still too poor for the dance-floor, where most of these productions are aimed at. It is very supportive for us whenever you take time to share your opinion and experience.